BOCA is a not-for-profit organisation supporting sailing in Bermuda. BOCA holds races and other events almost year-round. While a number of events are sponsored by businesses operating in Bermuda, most of the association's operating budget comes from membership fees. These fees are set at the AGM each year on the recommendation of the Committee. It is the responsibility of each BOCA skipper to ensure that his or her boat is in compliance with current BOCA regulations on crew membership. In general, this means that a number of a boat's regular crew must also be BOCA members. Of course, we like to think that everyone who takes advantage of the racing and parties that BOCA organises each year will want to contribute to the success of BOCA.

Becoming a BOCA member is easy! Simply download the attached membership form, fill it out and get it to BOCA with a cheque or cash. If you can't get it to a BOCA Committee member directly, you can mail it to the address shown on the top of the form or you can drop it into the BOCA mailbox at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club or at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club.

There are different categories of membership in BOCA:

Skipper Membership

Full member with voting rights at AGM. Required to enter a boat in BOCA races.  $250

Crew Membership

Full member with voting rights at AGM. For non-skippers.   $75
Junior   $10